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10 costly kitchen design mistakes to avoid and how they might save you thousands

10 costly kitchen design mistakes to avoid and how they might save you thousands

10 costly kitchen design mistakes to avoid and how they might save you thousands

These kitchen design suggestions can help you complete your project flawlessly if you’re considering a kitchen makeover in 2024 (10 costly kitchen design mistakes).

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Justin Van Breda)

It’s impossible to mitigate the fact that mistakes you make when designing a kitchen will be among your most expensive ones. Not only is this true, but a poorly planned, designed, or constructed kitchen may deduct the same amount from the value of your house as one that is beautifully designed, adding an astounding $30,000 or £20,000 to its worth.

Even though your goal in redesigning your kitchen may be to create an aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful focal point for your house, it’s always important to consider what other people may think, particularly if you plan to sell your house in the near future.

According to data*, the kitchen is the one room in the house that has the most power to persuade a prospective buyer to make a high offer on your house or to pass over it in favour of another.

Therefore, when rebuilding a kitchen in 2024, avoid making these mistakes.

1. Avoid Going Open-Plan—Not Always

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Rafael Soldi)

Many of us will be rethinking our layouts after the epidemic, and open-plan kitchens and living areas—which were so popular a few years ago—are most definitely not in style.

Indeed, nearly one-third of prospective homeowners said they would pay more than the asking price for a property with a kitchen kept off from the living and dining areas.

But a lot depends on how many additional living areas your house currently has. Giving up your single living room or reception to make one big open-plan area has always been a mistake. However, you can more safely go open-plan without depreciating your house’s value if you have other, private spaces for family members to congregate, such as a living room, home office, TV room, or even a well-furnished garden room (10 costly kitchen design mistakes).

We advise going with the broken-plan arrangement, which is a perfect middle ground. It separates the kitchen from the dining or living areas with inside glazing.

2. If at all possible, avoid designing a kitchen that is too small.

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Future)

Large kitchens are extremely popular with buyers, since everyone loves one, of course.

Naturally, square footage in an apartment or small house may be limited, but if you currently have a huge dining room and a smaller kitchen, take advantage of the remodel to either combine the spaces by going open-plan (bearing in mind the previous limitations) or by switching the roles of the two rooms.

3. Don’t Assume You Will Need Too Little Counterspace

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Justin Van Breda)10 costly kitchen design mistakes

Detailed planning is necessary for a well-planned kitchen; therefore, it is better to leave this to the experts. Generous countertop space is one design element, though, that even the least skilled kitchen planner is sure to overlook.

As much as you can squeeze in without compromising a clean layout and flow is great. Enough space is required for the necessities, such as food preparation for one or two cooks, stacking dishes, showcasing minor gadgets, and dining.

Needless to say, the highest-quality worktops that you can purchase are well worth the expenditure.

4. Remember to Always Have Storage

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Stefani Stein)

One more intricate kitchen design feature to consider? Ideas for kitchen storage. Seek out opportunities to plan as much as you can. Whether you use a larger kitchen to have just enough storage for the items you use frequently plus those you want to display, hiding the rest away in a walk-in pantry or larder, or you outfit a tiny kitchen with ingenious fitted solutions like pull-out larders or pull-out corner cabinets,.

Start by making a list of the kitchen storage items you currently have and the ones you would like to add, such as distinct spice drawers, a drink cabinet, and so on.

5. Never Undervalue Kitchen Lighting

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Richard Powers)

Every aspect of kitchen lighting is crucial, and it must perform exceptionally well in this most-used space. First, there are the necessities that shouldn’t be disregarded: adequate illumination directed towards counters to enable safe food preparation 10 costly kitchen design mistakes.

Then there’s the aesthetics: a gorgeous pendant light fixture above a dining table or kitchen island; a dashing lamp on a side table or counter; plinth lighting to highlight a modern kitchen’s cabinetry; hidden lighting in glass-fronted cupboards to highlight your finest china.

It’s also important to have alternatives for dimmable lighting so you can set the tone for eating in one setting and preparing food in another. It is important to remember to incorporate distinct lighting circuits in your area so that each zone’s lighting can be managed independently using a strategically located switch or smart control.

6. Avoid Choosing Cabinetry That Will Be Dated

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
10 costly kitchen design mistakes (Image credit: Christian Harder )

Even though we love trends in kitchen design, it’s never a smart idea to base your kitchen design decisions only on what’s in style. It is important to carefully consider the longevity of your kitchen design choice, unlike other interior trends. You will probably be living with this kitchen for a decade or longer, and potential buyers are unlikely to want to replace a perfectly good kitchen that they don’t like or live with a kitchen in a bold colour that looks dated since you installed it.

Rather, plan your ideal kitchen to last a lifetime. This could entail choosing fuss-free, neutral-colored cabinets that complement the architectural style and era of your house.

Then, you can add accents that will further enhance its character, such as area rugs, paint, wallpaper, and light fixtures.

7. Don’t pass up the opportunity to enter the garden.

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Westbury Windows & Joinery)

If your kitchen has a window viewing a garden but otherwise isn’t connected to it, now is the ideal time to rearrange the design so that doors can be installed onto the garden. Then you can set up an outside eating area on the patio or deck that is beyond the doors. Perfect.

8. Remember To Use Ventilation

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Noe DeWitt/Otto)

All kitchens need adequate ventilation, but tiny kitchens or open-concept kitchens that double as living rooms require it even more. An extractor fan is a must, preferably one that exchanges air instead of just recycling it, and at least one door or window that can be opened. The takeaway is straightforward: your extraction system will operate more silently, and you will be more inclined to utilise it if you make greater ventilation-related investments.

10 costly kitchen design mistakes Moreover, windows with a clear view of the garden and doors leading to a patio are a great addition to any kitchen design.

9. Remember To Leave Space For Trash And Recycling

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: The Shaker Workshop/Maple Photo)

Never undervalue how crucial it is to get rid of trash in the kitchen. An otherwise well-considered design can be seriously ruined by a garbage can that is either in need of frequent emptying or overflowing.

Make sure there is space under the sink or concealed within cabinets for all waste, including recyclables, and include this in your thorough planning list.

10. Don’t cut corners on Layout Design

10 costly kitchen design mistakes
(Image credit: Neptune)

The best is truly saved for last, and this is the point where expert assistance is required. It is definitely worth your time to visit at least three different kitchen designers using rough drawings you’ve drawn out yourself if you haven’t designed a kitchen previously or if it has been a while. Once you’ve chosen your preferred kitchen firm, each designer will present you with a variety of options that you can incorporate into your ultimate design.

A few fundamental guidelines: Make sure the flow is working; if the space is open-plan, people shouldn’t be crossing the cooking area to get to other areas. Make sure there is enough space between kitchen units facing one another in a galley layout—ideally, at least 1.2 metres, if not more; additionally, place the trash can close to the dishwasher and kitchen sink, which should be as close as possible to the dining table 10 costly kitchen design mistakes.

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