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Dream travel locations for 2023: you can plan even if you can’t make reservations just yet.

Dream travel locations for 2023: you can plan even if you can't make reservations just yet.

Dream travel locations for 2023: you can plan even if you can’t make reservations just yet.

Dream travel locations for 2023
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We offer you optimism: 2023 dream locations. Though it might be unrealistic to book them, it wouldn’t hurt to bookmark them. After all, we felt it was high time to anticipate the amazing places we’re dreaming of going to this year since travel had reached a regrettable, albeit essential, all-time low in 2022. Or after that. Dream travel locations for 2023: even if you aren’t able to book reservations just yet, you can still plan.

These are the most sought-after locations for H&G that any discerning tourist will want to check out. Plan ahead and reserve a wonderful trip for yourself as soon as your local constraints permit you to resume your vacations in style.

It’s time to take out your passport and give it some dust.

1. Austria’s St. Anton am Arlberg is the ski resort.

Dream travel locations for 2023
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How are we going to socially distance ourselves? What is the length of the lines at the resorts? The ski season this winter is shrouded in uncertainty, and it’s highly likely that it won’t open at all. But for 2024, now is the time to make reservations.

Step inside the Austrian resort of St. Anton am Arlberg, where quick chairlifts whisk you to more than 200 km of trails and an abundance of off-piste options. This resort offers off-piste activities like horse sleigh rides and curling, together with the abundant natural beauty typical of the Alps.

Locals Franziska Alber and Michael Gfall of St. Anton opened the new family-run hotel Ullrhaus within the resort.

It features all the typical Alpine amenities, such as burning fireplaces, a spa with three saunas that smell of wood, substantial cuisine, and excellent gluhwein, all set in subdued modern décor with hints of Tyrolean history.

2. The Island Getaway: Sweden’s Bohuslän Archipelago

Dream travel locations for 2023
(Image credit: Erik Nissen Johansen.)

Feel like taking a vacation on a private island? extreme withdrawal from society? Then, for some severe seclusion, travel to the western archipelago of Sweden.

With over 8,000 islands to explore along the 280-kilometer archipelago, Sweden appears like a secure pick because of its successful position on COVID-19. You also won’t likely encounter crowds there.

When Pater Noster’s Hamneskär opens in early 2023, make sure to base yourself there. Currently housing nine guest rooms, this 150-year-old lighthouse has its own restaurant, bar, and outdoor cafe serving freshly caught seafood, locally sourced seaweed, and baked goods.

You can visit the many islands in the archipelago from here by helicopter (Hamneskär has a helipad), private boat, or ferry. Two must-see islands are Marstrand and Lysekil.

3. Botswana is the safari.

Dream travel locations for 2023
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The Okavango Delta in Botswana provides a safari experience that checks all the boxes.

The 24-guest safari lodge Xigera, which will open in January on the western fringe of the Moremi Game Reserve, is special in that it will present the works of thirty of Africa’s leading painters in a stunning location that spans two islands.

All 12 suites are furnished with custom-made furniture, ceramics, and textiles by artists including Adam Birch, Madoda Fani, and Otto du Plessis. This is the outcome of a partnership between South African hotelier Beatrice Tollman and Cape Town’s Southern Guild Gallery.

All itineraries are custom-made, with guests arriving by private light aircraft. Activities include motorboat rides, glass-bottom mokoros, sleep-outs in a three-story steel baobab tree house located one km from the lodge, and large game safaris at any time of day.

4. St. Barth, an island in the Caribbean

Dream travel locations for 2023
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It’s encouraging to see a lively life returning to the area after the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Right now, we wish to visit this island out of all of them.

Adrian and Sonia Cheng, retailers, hoteliers, and art collectors from Hong Kong, knew that their Rosewood hotel concept would become known for having stylish rooms that blend in with their surroundings when they introduced it in 2011. Not even Le Guanahani St. Barth stands out.

Renovated by David Schwarz Architects and Luis Pons Design Lab, all 66 rooms, suites, and villas (many with private pools) offer a subdued elegance that doesn’t overpower the property’s exceptional surroundings.

Le Guanahani is a secluded peninsula spanning eighteen beautiful acres, with stunning views of a lively reef and the golden beaches of Grand Cul-de-Sac and Marigot Bay.

5. The Countryside Getaway: Transylvania

Dream travel locations for 2023
(Image credit: Philip Vile)

To find the undiscovered side of central Romania, travel deep into Transylvania, far from the popular tourist destinations along Dracula’s trail.

Under the direction of Gladys and Nikolaus Bethlen, mother and son, Bethlen Estates has been purchasing Saxon cottages, abandoned school buildings, castles, and manor houses to preserve them while providing guest accommodations. Originally envisioned by the late Count Miklós Bethlen, some 800 years after his family first founded the village of Cris,.

Last year, the caretaker’s house became available for private rentals with four bedrooms. This spring, three additional homes will accommodate 20 guests. While the four-bedroom Corner Barn can be rented by the room, the two-bedroom Depner House can be rented exclusively.

Cris serves as a great starting point for visiting the region’s national parks and landmarks, including the 180-acre Breite Ancient Oak Tree Reserve and the mediaeval Sighisoara fortress.

6. Japan: The Long Haul

Dream travel locations for 2023
Dream travel locations for 2023  (Image credit: homesandgardens )

Japan in 2023 is the place to be if you love sports, since Tokyo should host the Olympic and Paralympic Games the following summer.

Cities, resorts, and rural getaways are laying out the red carpet in anticipation of what they hope will be a massive influx of tourists.

Plans call for the construction of Japan’s first W Hotel in Osaka, a bijou bolthole called the Tower Hotel in Nagoya that blends sophisticated design with compact quarters, and the conversion of Tokyo’s oldest jail, the Nara prison, into an elite hotel managed by Hoshino Resorts.

Outside of the cities, visitors may unwind on the shore at the opulent Hoshino beach resort in Okinawa, which opened its doors this past spring, or experience Danish-style glamping at the Hygge Circles Ugakei campground, which is located in the pristine Uga Valley in Mie prefecture.

7. Oslo, The City Break

Dream travel locations for 2023
Dream travel locations for 2023 (Image credit: Tomasz Kisielewski / Alamy Stock Photo)

Oslo offers a nice little city vacation for individuals who want museums but don’t want to deal with the crowds.Its cultural cachet is enhanced by two new museums that are opening on its waterfront this spring.

The Munch museum, which honours Edvard Munch, the most well-known artist in Norway, aims to grow into the biggest solo artist museum in the world. There will be some 28,000 pieces of art, together with writings, letters, photos, and personal items, on display.

With over 100,000 artworks in its collection, the new National Museum in Oslo will take pride in being the biggest art museum in the Nordic region. For the complete Munch experience, stay at The Thief. Additionally, the Clarion Hotel at Bjørvika has partnered with the museum and features a work on permanent rotation from the collection.

8. Tuscany, The Grand Getaway

Dream travel locations for 2023
Dream travel locations for 2023 (Image credit: homesandgardens )

In Italy, strict safety regulations are now considered standard practice. Our old favorite Tuscany is still going strong as a result.

Set within 40 acres of undulating Tuscan countryside, Torre Palazzone is a mediaeval castle that can accommodate 22 guests, making it an ideal venue for Covid-era nuptials and sizable family get-togethers. Over a period of twelve years, the British couple Charles and Richenda Walsh transformed the faded pensione into a contemporary getaway.

Similar to many other Tuscan piles, Torre Palazzone was initially constructed as a defensive bastion for Siena, which is fifteen minutes away.

Engage the rental firm Tuscany Now & More to arrange for a private chef and a fleet of personnel, as well as guided tours of Siena that include its famed duomo and the historic hospital Santa Maria della Scala.

Dream travel locations for 2023

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